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Cantiliver Gates


There are a number of benefits in choosing a cantilever sliding gate system over the traditional track style sliding gate with the obvious one being “no track”. The trade off is the requirement for greater runoff area as a cantilever requires approximately 30% greater runoff room. For this reason they tend to used more in commercial and industrial installations. Unlike standard sliding gates they don’t need a perfectly level or flat surface and can deal with the ups and downs of a well used driveway.
Like everything cantilever there are some rules to follow and some maths to do if you want to build a cantilever gate. Don’t worry we have some handy tools to help. Use the navigation above or click on any of the links in the flow chart below.
Track System
1. The larger your opening width and the heavier the gate construction the larger the cantilever hardware system required. Use the selection chart to see the limitations of each size.

2. Start by entering your estimated total gate weight and opening width in the handy excel calculator. You can adjust dimension “D” but dimension “C” which is the distance between your two trolleys is the one that makes all the difference. Make this wider and watch the changes in force levels.

3. When happy with these figures you can click on the the chosen size tab for more information on this size and download the hardware dimensions chart to see how things come together. You can always go back to the calculator and adjust dimensions and weights.

4. Use the hardware navigation tab above to get prices on the hardware size you require and call your local branch to purchase.